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From Our Journal: Cats Portraits, St. Louis

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People often ask us if we prefer dogs or cats. While – truth to be told – dogs are certainly easier to photograph, that makes the kitties even more unique and we enjoyed every kitties portrait session. We love a challenge! And we have been blessed with love of both dogs and cats in our own lives.

Meeting St. Louis area cats parents Janet and Carl and their seven kitties has been a blast. So far we have photographed five of the seven and it has been such a great experience with some very, very, very funny moments.

In addition to creating some wonderful pet portraits memories that are decorating Janet and Carl’s home, we have developed and cherish a new, beautiful friendship with these big-hearted animal lovers.

meet their loves

meet their loves


About me: Tuxedo 10yrs old

I love: Vanilla ice cream or milk and cuddle up on my dad or mom when they are watching TV


About me: Tuxedo 9 yrs-old

I love: Vanilla ice cream or milk and I go crazy when Mom brings out the brush. Sometimes, I let her rub my tummy too!


About me: Exotic Tuxedo 9 yrs-old

I love: Spinach, lettuce – YES –  or chicken and giving my Dad a “head butt”. Sometimes I even give dad a kiss.


About me: Grey Tabby 8 yrs-old

I love: Chicken and my Mom. Everywhere she goes I follow. As long as I am close to mom, I am a very happy cat!


About me: Domestic 1.5 yrs-old

I love: Anything my humans eat and I love to play fetch with my Mom. Also, I like to walk mom or dad to the bathroom, especially at night!

10 hot-seat Q&A

1. Do you celebrate your cats' birthday or "Gotha Day"? If yes, how?

Birthdays are celebrated with a white cake or vanilla ice cream.

2. On a scale of 1-10, how demanding are your cats?

Our cats can be very demanding. They each have their own personality which keeps things fun!

  • Wilma is the “Alpha cat” = 5
  • Zelda is a jealous cat and the only acceptable daddy’s girl. = 9
  • Blaze can be feisty. = 8
  • Zeke is pretty mellow and a lover kitty. = 2
  • Oliver – Don’t let that cute face fool you, he is into everything and thinks he #1 kitty! = 10
3. Do your cats love bathing?


4. Do you ever use bribery? What works best?

Yes, treats and chicken.

5. Describe your preparations going to the vet.

Mom and dad typically try to trick us by taking the carriers or harness and leash to the bedroom. Next, we are enticed with treats to enter the bedroom. Once in the bedroom, the door is closed. We see the carriers and start to look for places to hide. But before we can run, mom picks us up and puts us in the carrier then dad locks the door.

6. What is your cats' understanding on the personal space topic?

Cats – My space is mine and human space is mine!

7. How would you describe your perfect day with your cat?

Our perfect day would be snuggled up on the couch watching a movie with our cats hanging out with us.

8. How would your cats describe their perfect day?

Waking up on my human’s bed, entering the kitchen to find that my bowl is already full of delicious kibble. After breakfast, I spend some time grooming then head to my favorite spot on the cat tree to watch the bunny rabbits. Lunch time is here and my humans are in the kitchen. We mosey over to the counter as we watch mom and dad make their lunch. Our plan is to hang around long enough and show our affection so mom or dad share! The afternoon is here and we head off for another nap. At about 3-4pm, we wake up and head to mom’s office to join her on her Zoom calls.

9. Did you and your cats have fun at the portrait session?

Of course, we had so much fun we slept the entire way home! Mom and Dad had fun but were exhausted the rest of the day.

10. What is your favorite portrait from that day?

That’s a hard question to answer! Each picture captures the spontaneity and love at that moment.


The funniest and naughtiest memories with our cats!


Janet and Carl


big smile

Wilma – I located the extra bag of kibble and decided to use it as my pet bed. As the day went on, the smell became overwhelming. I decided to try and help mom and dad out by placing numerous bite marks on the bag so it would open easier. Mom found me with a smile on my face and kibble smell on my breath!

Zelda – I was in the backyard enjoying the sun and smell of grass when I ventured over to a rose bush. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted something move. My instincts to protect my humans kicked in and I grabbed the baby snake in my mouth before it attacked mom.

Blaze – I was sitting on the counter as dad was getting the chicken ready for dinner. He placed 2 chicken wings and a leg on his plate. I waited until he turned around to get something out of the refrigerator. When I was in the clear, I took an entire chicken wing in my mouth and headed to the living room for safety. As I was enjoying my dinner, dad realized a leg was missing. As dad started to come toward me, I took my last lick/bite of the chicken wing to savor the last taste of fresh, juicy chicken.

Zeke – I like to lay out in front of my mom’s plate of food, looking so innocent and loving. Then when she turns he head I slowly extend my paw to grab some of her broccoli. The florets are just so fascinating that I can’t resist!

Oliver – After I was recused, I was investigating this inset that mom and dad have in the living room. As I got closer, I encountered a metal ‘gate’ but I soon found a small opening. I decided this was going to be an adventure, so I jumped inside to find a few logs. I soon became bored and decided to take a nap. Upon my exit mom screamed for dad. Next thing I knew,I was picked up and taken to the kitchen sink where mom started putting water on my fur. As mom explained to dad, I guess I went from a white kitty to a white kitty with brown/black dirt all over me from the fireplace.

Every Special Moment


we love our clients and we think they love us, too!




“From the moment we arrived at the photo studio, we were welcomed and treated like family. Dani and Yagil were so excited to see our two cats – Zeke and Oliver. They gave Zeke and Oliver time to get comfortable while calmly talking/playing with them. You can definitely tell that they love animals!

The photo reveal was a fantastic experience. They captured the personalities and playfulness, not only Zeke and Oliver but of hubby and I, too. To top it off, our order was personally delivered to our home!

Dani and Yagil do not disappoint! We definitely plan to book again so we can get a portrait of all our 7 fur babies.“

Janet and Carl


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