Are you a woman in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and beyond?

This is for you!

In 2022 I am on a mission to photograph 40 women in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond, in a transformational and empowering experience that is all about them.  Women of all ages and all wonderful shapes and sizes are uniquely beautiful and deserve to be acknowledged, seen, and celebrated.

As a woman in my forties, I can firsthand relate to women worrying about their age, their looks or simply not feeling worthy enough to celebrate their age and their body. And this inspired me to partake in the global 40-over-40 movement and to celebrate and empower other women to embrace self-love and their beauty. You and me, we are enough!

Join me in this exciting and worthy experience that will transform the way you see yourself and give you the confidence to love your body and be comfortable in your own skin.


celebrating the strength, wisdom and beauty of women 40+



Why should you do it?

To Celebrate your life and your story

Every woman’s journey is different and should be cherished

To learn to love and honor your beauty

Love your every line, every curve, and every scar. They are all part of your essence

To feel confident and empowered

Do something special and empowering for just yourself

To Stand Up for body positivity

 Every woman is beautiful, regardless your age, shape, or size

To Inspire others

It’s time to start a conversation about the beauty of aging, and change the way the world and media define it

To Embrace Self-Love

“Believing in our hearts that who we are is enough is the key to more satisfying and balanced life.” – Ellen Sue Stern



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Learn to embrace your own unique beauty, celebrate your unique gifts with confidence. Your imperfections are actually a gift.

— Kerry Washington


















Learn to embrace your own unique beauty, celebrate your unique gifts with confidence. Your imperfections are actually a gift.

— Kerry Washington







Why over 40? And Why Me?

As a photographer, I was often met with a shy resistance by my female clients over the age of 40 about having their individual portrait taken in addition to the portraits of them with their pet, their family, or their significant other.

The insecurities would surface and with it the conversations about aging and the feeling of not being enough anymore. These are common worries most women share. I heard them all and I promised every woman I photographed that I will take the most beautiful portraits they had ever seen of themselves in a fun, stress-free session.

And then, at the portraits presentation, I could see and feel their excitement and often tears of joy for having indulged in this amazing portrait experience. An experience that made them more confident about themselves and that revealed how beautiful they already are.

Ladies, we, women over 40 deserve to love ourselves. We Are Enough.

– Danijela, your portrait photographer

what is included in your

40 over 40

Portrait experience

what is included in your

40 over 40

Portrait experience

An Unforgettable and  Empowering Experience



What is the cost?

I’m offering the 40 over 40 special project package for just $250. (A total retail value of $400)



to learn about you and your story, and to plan your dream photoshoot, wardrobe & styling


you are welcome to wear some unique pieces from our studio wardrobe during your shoot if you desire


We want you to feel confident with your wardrobe choices – between our wardrobe and anything you bring –  and look forward to a stress-free portrait experience. Studio wardrobe is available in various sizes.


Our stylist will get your hair & makeup done for the photoshoot. A custom-tailored hair & makeup look as per your vision & inspiration


 A fully guided photoshoot at our St. Louis’ Studio Loft. A two-three hour, fun experience to help you feel confident, radiant, and beautiful.


A follow-up, exciting experience where you will be able to view all your images. The presentation includes 30+ portraits to choose from


You will receive one portrait of your choice in 10×8 print presented in an elegant 11×14 white mat, ready to frame as well as the digital file of the same image. Or, if you wish to get more than one image, we shall give you a $250 credit towards our collections



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how CAN YOU apply?

Start by filling out the below application form and we shall contact you with more details about the project. Please note that 40 OVER 40 portrait sessions are not like our regular portrait sessions. They go beyond, to include as well inspiring stories that speak women’s feelings before and after the session about their journey towards self-love and empowerment.

Agree to all of the following:

  • Before & After photo to be used on our website, social media, print materials, and other marketing platforms
  • Interview questions to be answered before and after your photoshoot. This may include a video testimonial
  • Sessions will include a magazine-style photoshoot experience, with wardrobe and makeup fitting the occasion

There are only 40 spots available. 


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Does Any of The Below Sound Familiar?

If so, the 40 OVER 40 – A WOMAN EMPOWERED photoshoot is for you!

Throughout the years I have heard – and sometimes felt – the below insecurities women face. Insecurities – turned to excuses – that create a barrier for so many women to even think of existing in portraits for themselves or those who love them. If any of the below is your personal barrier, I’m happy to share that we will overcome them all!

  • “I NEED TO LOSE 20 POUNDS” – There are so many outfits and poses for curvier women that will make them look feminine, sexy, and beautiful. A woman is not measured in pounds, rather in her expression and confidence shining in her portrait
  • “I’M NOT PHOTOGENIC” – Honestly, there is no such thing as being photogenic. It is a photographer’s job to capture the essence of who you are and make your personality shine. You are in good hands.
  • “WHO NEEDS PICTURES OF ME? I DON’T” – Women LOVE hiding behind the camera. Thousands of photographs of their families, pets, and friends. But, they seem not to be able to justify that they deserve to live in photographs, too. For their loved ones and most importantly for themselves.
  • “THIS IS ONLY FOR WOMEN WHO LOOK LIKE THEY BELONG IN A MAGAZINE” – Oh, do we have a surprise waiting for you! After you are done with makeup and hairstyling on your session and come in front of the camera dressed in your dream outfit, YOU will feel like you are part of a magazine-style photoshoot. And it feels fabulous!

The  – 40 Over 40 A Woman Empowered –  Portrait Session Timeline


First, we would love to talk. We offer 30 min complimentary consultations where we explain in detail about our sessions and services. To schedule your consultation, please fill in the below 40 over 40 inquiry form. Once we choose a session date, we’ll embark, together, on a journey of building this fabulous experience tailored to you.


A week or two before your session, we’ll schedule a fitting session. Your session will include 4-5 wardrobe changes, and you want to make sure how everything looks and fits.  We have dresses for you to choose from, and we encourage you to consider bringing some unique clothing that makes you – you. From contemporary to classic, from gowns to lingerie, you should be excited about every piece of clothing we’ll build into your magazine-style photoshoot. We’ll guide you and share recommendations. You will not be alone in this fun undertaking!


On the day of the session, you just have to show up and we’ll take it from there. Our make-up and hair artist will take care of pampering you while you sip on your glass of bubbly and enjoy some strawberries. We are excited to have a fun afternoon together. A magazine-style photoshoot awaits you. Our clients are all fabulous and individual women and every session will be tailored to fit you specifically. From traditional to contemporary, from beautiful dresses to intimate white sheets sessions, it’s all about you.


About 7-14 days after the session, we’ll have your premiere, in person or over zoom. This is where you’ll be able to see your stunning portraits and choose your favorite image included with your session as well as any additional images you might like to purchase. We’ll guide you through all the options and will ensure you are happy and in love with anything you choose.